Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some website housekeeping

Please forgive the following wankery about the site's minor redesign:

Blogger has been kind enough to finally allow easier and more extensive customization to their templates, so you'll be seeing some changes around here.

I've already added a customized site banner to spruce things up and differentiate this site from all the countless others using this template.

I'm still tweaking the color scheme overall, so don't think you're going nuts if links and headers and such change colors suddenly. Blogger keeps suggesting ugly ass orange for some things and I can't have too much of that.

The sidebar is totally revamped. I've added a set of images showing some of the books, DVDs and CDs I've had in rotation that I think you should check out. The images don't link to anything intuitive like Amazon; they link to my Flickr account where they're tagged as "inrotation" with notes about what they are (in case you don't immediately recognize that I want you to listen to Wilco's latest album). Until I get a dedicated host for my stolen images (thanks, Amazon!) it'll have to do.

I've also greatly expanded my link list to include lots more of my sources of joy and strange news. If you read this and have a web site and you feel you have been unjustly left off, let me know and I'll fix it ASAP.

There's also a link roll from my account. I'm new to this social bookmarking thing; at the moment I mainly use it as a dump for tutorials and guides (particularly for Mac, web, and interface design stuff) that I don't want to lose track of. But I'll also save cool stuff like a searchable database of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons (try searching for "snowflake", "f-14", "snowman" and "raccoon" for some of my favorites) or funny t-shirts, or awesome articles about action movie one-liners. I also know that my tagging system is haphazard at best... I'm going to work out a better, more consistent way to keep them all straight.

Oh, and if you wanted to check my profile now, I use the word 'cock.' You'll just have to look and see how.

And now for something even more pointless:

Always funny.

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