Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fill in the blanks

lebron is insane

While I wasn't working this afternoon, I saw an interesting use of ellipses in a USA Today article about Michael Jordan praising LeBron James:

James was thrilled to learn of Jordan's approval. "It's great any time you get praise from the guy who basically laid down all the stones for you to get here," James said. "I grew up idolizing his game and how he played . . . basketball."

Huh? What got cut out in those ellipses at the end?

I have some theories:

". . . how he played and by the way, I think I'm much better than him at basketball."

". . . how he played. If you were wondering about how I'm celebrating, well, I've been vegging out at Starbucks and using the Poincaré Conjecture to evaluate the Ricci folds and three-dimensional manifolds of a basketball."

". . . how he played. If you're from Cleveland, I'm the feel-good story of the year. I'm just like Omar Epps' NBA superstar character in that movie Love & Basketball."

". . . how he played. And on a personal note, after game 5 against Detroit I'd like to see more in the news about how the combined weight of my balls is roughly that of a basketball."

". . . how he played with unsuspecting little boys. Oh, wait. I wasn't talking about the MJ that played basketball."

All of those seem pretty reasonable to me.

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