Friday, June 01, 2007

The Link Roundup

Since I've been doing anything but work this past week, I thought I might share the love and give you all some reading material this weekend.

First, it's not a blog post around here unless someone is mocking Star Wars. This link also mocks stamp collectors at the same time. Double bonus!

If you're think websites could look more interesting, well, you're right. Here are sixty website designs that really show the kind of visual pizazz and refinement that a graphic designer can bring to even the plainest or most poorly designed websites. (Those last two were courtesy the gang at The Big Noob.)

Speaking of design, did you know the Helvetica typeface is 50 years old this year? Let us celebrate in a clean, efficient manner.

Google continues their campaign to spy on your every moment. Or at least take pictures of your cat. Or leaving a strip club. Eeep. Since the big story involves a cat, you could expect the LOLCatters to jump in.

Speaking of cats, I found another LOLCat that's worth a chuckle if quantum theory is your thing.

In NY Times Most Emailed Town, the Gray Lady is kind enough to justify slacking off at work (thank God!), loves the crap out of Knocked Up, takes a moment to describe me, and provides a stunning example of how a picture can make a story. You can also have some fun calculating your economic class and prestige; the relative prestige levels are the most fun. Apparently writers are prestigious. Could have fooled me.

Speaking of the New York Times, The Onion really nailed it with this summary of the 'Most E-Mailed' list. They've also been ruthless in their mockery -- both indirect and slightly more blatant -- of Barry Bonds.

Speaking of sports, if you're not reading Deadspin, you're missing out on some of the most fun on the interbang. Just today they were kind enough to point out that LeBron James is not of this world, that there's a good reason to get interested in pole vaulting (who knew?? Here's some more on Miss Stokke. I know, and you're welcome.) And, self-aware to the bloody end, they even tear themselves and all other sports blogs a new one. AJ Daulerio truly is the balls. And I haven't even touched on the fun you can have if you follow the comments. Deadspin is the only one of two (the other is a FARK Photoshop contest) places on the interweb that I encourage people to follow the comments. As their editor says, the commenters provide about 76% of the entertainment on any given day.

Let me just get this out there: if Rupert Murdoch buys my precious Wall Street Journal, there's a good chance I'll never read it again. Like hell is he going to get my 9.95 a month.

While I'm on Slate, they continue being the masters of miscellany with wonderful slide show of church signs. The also explain the high suicide rate in Japan. Expect a follow up about the high suicide rate in Cleveland if the Cavs can't bring in one more win this weekend.

Did you see that you can buy tracks without copy protection on iTunes as of this week? Well, you might want to hold off on that. Also, if you've wanted an excuse to brush your teeth with milkshakes, you can thank China for the excuse.

Dan Carlson cracked me up quite a bit with his strategy to take down Ken Jennings (who also has a blog, if you were curious), recounts his first trip to a gay nightclub, thanks me for humoring him, and receives a harsh but deserved letter from HR.

If you use Gmail and Firefox, do yourself a favor and pick up the Greasemonkey extension and Lifehacker's Better Gmail tool to really take advantage of it. Lots of nifty little options and hacks, including new Gmail skins (I'm partial to Airstream), extra keyboard shortcuts, built-in TinyURL support, attachment icons, and a handy tool that reminds you to actually attach files if you typed "See attached" in your email. Priceless!

Finally, my favorite new blog catches some workplace smartasses in action. As a frequent author of passive aggressive notes in the workplace, I approve this message.


cher cher said...

Overwhelmed with links! SO obv I didn't go to all of them, but I do have this to say:

• I love the LOLCats. I baked you a cookie but I eated it.

• Thanks for teaching me about the sweetness of google maps. I think secretly I have wanted to be a cartographer, and I successfully wasted more than an hour creating maps and looking at pictures of streets and addresses I don't even know.

• Okay I work 40 hours a week, and I do approximately 38 hours of work a week. That's probably being generous. I guess that's the difference of being a designer at an understaffed newspaper that has to be finished by a certain time every day and the rest of the world.

• I liked the How Class Works interactive graphic, and depending on what you want to call my job, I can be above or below the 50th percentile.

Wow, between this and "VH1's 40 Most Softsational Soft-Rock Songs," I successfully wasted more than two hours I could have spent sleeping. Thanks!

miranda said...

Dude, as long as we're linking...

Love. LOVE.