Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why, the tyrant King George, of course!

Been watching The Office? You really should. Since Arrested Development ended, The Office is easily the funniest sitcom on TV these days.

Like this clip, which probably gave me the biggest laugh of the year so far, as Dwight tries to catch a Ben Franklin impersonator in the act:

In fact, any Jim/Dwight interplay is almost invariably the best part of any office episode, as this sneak from this week's episode shows:

Here's a nice collection of clips. My all-time favorite Jim/Dwight confrontation shows up around the 5:30 (2:20 remaining on the embedded player) mark:

I take it back. Jim mugging for the camera is the best part of any episode. Unless Creed is involved:

Or Toby...

It's a good show with a good variety of solid characters. You can't go wrong.

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