Friday, April 13, 2007

Shitty Mixtape In Action

Here's some wonderful lunacy from the gentlemen behind that new MTV show HUMAN GIANT (yes, it must be in all caps). The gist of it is the guys held a contest to pick 5 shitty songs for a mixtape. The tapes were judged for (poor) quality, and the loser had to walk around town blasting all the songs on a boombox. Must watch, especially if you didn't get enough Miami Sound Machine from this week's American Idol:

And, for the record, here would be my five songs I would absolutely not want to blast on a boombox (but since I'm a pseudo music snob, I've allowed a +1 slot for obscure indie tracks):

1. Goo Goo Dolls – "Iris"
2. Cardigans – "Lovefool"
3. Night Ranger – "Sister Christian"
4. Heart – "Crazy On You"
5. Avril Lavigne – "Skater Boi"

+1. Tegan & Sara – "Walking With A Ghost"

And since I never do music lists without a consult, here would be Scott's 5 +1:

1. Vengaboys – "We Like To Party"
2. Survivor – "Burning Heart"
3. Tiffany – "I Think We're Alone Now"
4. 4 Non Blondes – "What's Up?"
5. Verve Pipe – "The Freshman"

+1. Piebald – "American Hearts" (look it up on iTunes.... trust me)

By the way, while scanning my iTunes library, I rediscovered that I own the Woody Woodpecker theme... it's 3 minutes long!! How unreasonable is that?

[Full disclosure: I own every song mentioned here except Piebald--no one should own them. Just because I don't want to blast a song on a boombox is not a sign that I don't like it.]


traciemasek said...

Dude! Sister Christian? I would totally blast that shit out of a boom box AND I would sing along...with my eyes closed. "You're motoring...what's your price for flight"

Now I need to think through my Top 5. Sadly, I LOVE blasting terrible, embarrassing music from my car stereo while driving around crowded pedestrian areas with my windows down. My sister and I traditionally drove around Athens on the first nice day of spring with the windows down and the Ace of Base cranked up.

Erin Mc said...

Tracie totally beat me to being actually excited to sing "Sister Christian." (I knew she would.)

She and I were blasting "Careless Whisper" with the windows open in D.C. while trying to navigate through tricky Dupont circle.

Not Only, But Also Lee said...

Look, I didn't say I didn't like singing in the shower to Sister Christian. I just wouldn't want to be in, say, Harlem and blasting that out of a boombox.

And this is coming from someone who penned time into his calendar to blast "Separate Ways" by Journey out the car windows on a nice spring day. Seriously: 9 AM go to class; 12:30PM go home; 1 PM Create "Separate Ways" x100 playlist in itunes; 1:05 PM get in car 1:06 PM share with world.

By the way, if I come to NYC this summer we're totally recreating this bet.


cher cher said...

I literally loled when "Summer Girls" came on. That's probably the best worst boy band song ever, purely because of its lyrical genuis.