Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Things would be different if I ran the newsroom

Sad day yesterday at Virginia Tech. Thoughts out to all the people affected by this.

But allow me to say, if I were running the newsroom, things would be a little different. I know bigger death count numbers look good and all to grab attention, but stuff like this grab from MSNBC doesn't quite capture the feeling:

This grab from the New York Times is more accurate by separating the victims and the shooter...

And how would I do it if I ran things?

Yeah, I think that sums it up. I'd feel bad for the killer's family and all, but Jesus Christ on a pogo stick he killed over 30 people! Screw him.

In addition, I give my half-props to USA Today for this piece of page 1 design with the excerpt of the campus emails. It's half slimy and sensationalist, but half brilliant how it puts a spotlight on the chaos and confusion.


sincerely~sarah said...

As much as I want answers, I'm not sure I want the mass media to give them to me. The LAST thing I want to hear now is the speculation in hindsight- "what should the VT police have done" crap.

Seriously, if someone had said "Hey, I think this guy who committed an isolated albeit heinous crime in the dorm is going to walk 1/2 mile across campus and go on a rampage" I'd want their head examined. Right after they picked lotto numbers for me. Yeesh.

miranda said...

Hey, thanks for the sympathy with the whole food poisoning thing. I think it was the buffalo wing sauce and not the actual chicken that made me sick. Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with your post but, DUDE, please tell me you've seen this.