Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why do I always go right there?

Scott: That "Hey Ya"/Peanuts video on Tracie's blog never gets old.
BWB: No, that's great stuff.
Scott: That song, despite the world collectively getting burned out on it, is still one of the ten greatest pop songs ever.
BWB: Oh, definitely. It's flawless. No one hates that song.
Scott: We all just needed a couple years off from it.
BWB: Well, of course it was going to get played out.
BWB: It's modern radio and television, after all
BWB: If they could put "Hey Ya" in a Holocaust documentary, they would
Scott: ... I want to see that
Scott: (pile of emaciated bodies) "What's cooler than cool? Ice cold..."
Scott: ... ... ... Yeah, I think I found out where "too far" was
Scott: it was two miles back...
BWB: Those lines in the sand get washed away anyway

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