Monday, December 18, 2006

Justin Timberlake is still funny

Because you all are likely about to lose me for a few weeks to Final Fantasy 12, here are some videos to amuse you. While I was all set to write about the end of YouTube — what with the purging of copyrighted content — they gave me enough joy lately to hold off that rant:

Saturday Night Live is funny for the second time in 2 years

Here's the first funny skit on SNL in probably forever. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg deliver. Stick with it; it gets truly hilarious. Tip o' the BiWeekly Brilliance cap to Scott for the link:

Liquor Store Robbery 101

Here is how not to rob a liquor store:

Idiots, fire, and a WD-40 can

I can't find any more background on this one, but it's 20 seconds of joy:

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Bill said...

you spend how much to attend CMu and all I get is 12 lines of text in the last two blog posts? weak.

In 2006 in review, I'd like to point out that while Tara Reid had the early lead in the "most messed up American Pie star" category, it looks like Natasha Lyonne pulled off the upset.