Friday, March 07, 2008

Al Queda knows that our bases have streets and planes. We're losing the war on terror!

"I think they can see us"

The military has banned Google Maps from taking 'Street View' pictures of military bases.

Call me crazy or a traitor or a communist, but what's the harm?

Terrorist on a computer: "Mohammed! Come quick! I have Googled the infidels' military bases and I can see what's there! Yup, they've got barracks. There's some guy's Humvee that's double parked. I pan around and I see runways. That means, by deduction, that they probably have... yes! Planes! They have planes!

Or, uh, had planes. This picture is probably at least weeks old so they could have moved it.

Um, there are some other buildings...



... this is all very obvious and tactically useless."

But because this is surely the work of our brilliant homeland security department, don't count on being able to use Google Earth or Google Maps for much longer. Considering we're told day in and day out that all of America is in danger, our easy access to satellite imagery is probably not long for this earth.

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