Friday, February 29, 2008

No Enjoyment for Overstimulated Assholes

My imaginary rebuttal to the snap review of No Country for Old Men from a young, male, audience member who spent the entire quiet, contemplative, solemn film talking on his goddamn cell phone.

[Upon witnessing the ending of a haunting, beautifully crafted film that has an ending scene that is as perfect and thought-provoking as it is thoroughly lacking a tidy resolution or happy ending]
Asshole in audience: That's it? Is there a second act? Have they planned a sequel? What a fuckin' waste of time!
Me [in my mind]: Dude, the new Larry the Cable Guy movie is down the hall.

I thought of that one two minutes later in the car. Jerk store would have smoked that guy.

Also, I'm done with grad school and about to be gainfully employed, so look for me to finally get back to this blog in the near future.


No one reading anymore? I thought so.